Afribond Gold Class



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Gold Class of Afribond are between 100 million and 900 million Naira with annual interest of 22.5%.

  • Unit Price: N100,000,000 to N900,000,000 (One Hundred Million Naira to Nine Hundred Million Naira)
  • Minimum unit purchasable in one order:
  • Maximum unit purchasable in one order: 9
  • Documents issued after payment: Receipt, Bond Agreement and Certificate
  • To review agreement before payment, choose ‘Bank Transfer’ as payment option at the Checkout page
  • Signing of documents can be carried out online or at our office.


Afribonds are a one-off bond offering used by Afrihood to raise funds from private investors for capital intensive projects.

Afribond are only available for sale over a short window period when the need arises and closes when the target amount is reached.

When Afribonds are actively on sale, interested buyers would succeed in purchasing bonds here online.

For sales support, chat us up with the message icon on the bottom right corner of your screen or call +2348055600000

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