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    Looking to buy your next home? A commercial property for your business? Or perhaps a facility for that large scale project?
    Afrihood houses a complete network of real estate professionals that make every phase of the acquisition process a big win.

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    Once you request representation, we venture into your world to fully understand your lifestyle, goals, real estate needs, future possibilities, and most of all your finances.  Once we have a full grip of who you are and what your needs are, we provide solutions and advisory to match and also serve as an emotional filter to help you focus on what matters all through the acquisition process

    Finance and Mortgage

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    Truth is everyone can own a property, but with the right information, planning and financial instrument. As insiders to the real estate finance world, we help our client find the right finance for their acquisition at the best possible rate. We also expose potential investment and saving opportunities in the various acquisition options we find for our clients

    Intelligent Search

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    We put our network of machinery to work in search for the right property that fits the criteria of our clients who request representation. And through every inspection, we are right there by your side. You would no longer need to toil and become a victim to non-discerning agents who are only interested in showing you what they have and not what you need.

    Valuation and Survey

    With our registered and fully qualified professionals, we provide a comprehensive valuation service on a wide range of property matters including appraisal and valuations for acquisition and disposal, loan security, investment and construction. Also include building and structural surveys, environmental impact survey, land reforms, analysis, planning and registration.


    Most times agents are only concerned about the seller’s interest and tilt prices to favour them for their own gain. But with us representing you, that table is turned. You now have an equally potent agent protecting your interest and negotiating to your favour. You’ll be surprised at what you can get with us compared to going it alone.


    Our in-house Solicitors possess the requisite skills and experience to support and guide you in the conveyancing process from start to finish. Our services include: Reviewing, Drafting and Execution of Contracts and other conveyance documents, Title Search, Due diligence on property, Registration and Perfection of Title

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    In order to help our clients find the best property, we are usually privy to both their personal and financial information. This we hold highly confidential as part of our ethics to protect their interest throughout and after the acquisition process. This is also why you need a trusted company to represent you.

    No. Except your specification matches any of our own properties, we go all out to search for your need regardless of where, who owns it or who built it.

    Yes, we don’t take failure as an option. There has to be a way out and if we cant find a way, we would create one for you.

    Yes we can. Whether you are purchasing for personal use, business purpose or for investment purpose, it all starts with signing a representation agreement with us.

    Absolutely! We would let you know all the possibilities your budget can cover as long as it is not below N 1million (One Million Naira)

    As your representatives, always call us directly anytime with your
    questions about any property or area to request a showing.



    There is nothing more satisfying than the comfort that comes from the knowledge that you have additional, passive revenue coming in from investments that will continue to appreciate in value to help build up your retirement savings. And almost everyone has heard at one time or another that real estate – specifically rental income properties – are the single best investment you can make. Many people have benefitted financially from buying a home or rental property. In fact, once they begin to see the investment income and increased cash flow that their rental properties deliver, they often begin to acquire additional investment properties. But most people don’t realize that there is a secret to succeeding when investing in real estate.



    Afrihood also offers a unique advantage to investors looking to purchase pre-construction or commercial property, in that we have many strong relationships with builders of upcoming developments in high-demand locations. In many cases, we can extend incredible pre-sale VIP discount pricing or exclusive incentives that are not widely available. Those considering a newer home as an investment property can expect to benefit from pre-construction pricing and should have less maintenance and repair costs than much older homes in more established areas.

    So don’t leave anything to chance. It’s always wise to enlist the help of professionals, especially when considering buying a pre-construction income property. Whether you’re considering buying your first rental home or you have already begun to build your real estate investment portfolio, Afrihood can offer unbeatable access to the best possible pricing and incentives on condos and commercial property, and will even help you avoid the common pitfalls that investors make by helping you identify the right properties that are most likely to provide positive cash flow as they appreciate in value.

    Afrihood’s top income property advisors help investors through the key stages of locating and assessing the profitability of new or existing rental property, including:

    • Property inspections
    • Profit projections
    • Operating cost and cash flow calculations
    • Legal fees
    • Mortgage options
    • Property tax calculations
    • Offer negotiation
    • Property type (single family, multi unit, commercial)
    • Location research
    • Comparables
    • Viability of sustainable tenants
    • Past tenant history
    • Maintenance and repair projections

    Call us at 234-706-288-8927 today, and let Afrihood find the right home or property for you.


    Investing in income and rental properties can be an exciting and profitable way to build your income and save for a more luxurious retirement. Many people understand that real estate can be an extremely profitable investment, but are intimidated by their lack of knowledge and are highly cautious of potential risk.

    Before investing in an income or rental property, think through what type of investment you’re most comfortable with. If you are particularly handy, you might consider finding a home listed below market value because it needs some light repair and renovation. Renovating the property yourself can save you thousands in professional contractor fees, but you have to have the time to invest in increasing the property value yourself. Once completed, you stand a better chance of turning your investment into sizable profit by selling for much higher than you paid for the property. Another good option might be a multi-family dwelling that may require more repairs, but also provides increased rental revenue from more people – helping you to rapidly pay your mortgage on the investment property through the increased income.

    If you aren’t handy, a single-family rental may be more appropriate. Although you may need to rely on contractors for general repair and property maintenance, this can be offset by having reliable, long-term tenants in newer buildings that are already in good condition. Single-family rental properties are often a good point of entry for new investors.

    Once you gain experience as a successful property investor, you may even consider investing in commercial real estate. Be sure to work with investment experts before taking that next step in order to reduce your risk and maximize your investment profits.

    Afrihood Team are real estate investment experts and can help you build your income through successful investment and rental properties.


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