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Register as a Realtor through the signup form above. At the checkout page, use the coupon ``FreeTier`` to register for Free.

Make a one-minute video clearly stating why you think you should be Afrihood’s next Realtor.

Post your video on your accounts on facebook, Instagram, linkedin and Twitter. Use the hashtag #AfrihoodsNextRealtor and tag Afrihood’s Account on these platforms.

Encourage your friends and followers to like and share your video, as candidates would be shortlisted based on the most viral video entries

Send CVs to HR at [email protected] with the subject “AFRIHOOD’S NEXT REALTOR”

Prepare your presentation skills by gathering and mastering relevant information in the Rea Estate and Infrastructural Industry


The contest runs for a specified period. Please refer to the official rules and guidelines on the Afrihood website for the exact dates and timeline.

The contest is open to brilliant and professional real estate agents across the African market. Individuals with knowledge, skills, and expertise in the real estate sector are encouraged to apply.

The winner of Afrihood’s Next Realtor will be determined based on their overall performance throughout the competition, including their success in challenges, tasks, interviews, and their ability to resonate with the audience.

A one year engagement as Afrihood’s Lead Realtor with a fat salary and the exposure to build your brand as a celebrity influencer

Contestants will be evaluated based on their performance, adaptability, negotiation skills, market knowledge, and ability to handle real-world scenarios. A panel of expert judges will assess their capabilities throughout the competition.

Even if participants do not win the title of Afrihood’s Next Realtor, the experience gained from the competition and the exposure to a wide audience can open doors to various opportunities within the real estate industry.

Yes, all selected participants also have the chance to be trained in Afrihood’s Realtor Academy by industry professionals. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your real estate knowledge and skills.

No, the competition is designed to showcase individual skills and abilities. Contestants will compete against each other individually to demonstrate their potential as Afrihood’s Next Realtor.

Viewers can actively engage with the show by following Afrihood’s official social media accounts, sharing their favorite contestant’s videos, and participating in discussions and voting polls related to the contest.

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