Becoming an Influencer

Complexity: Standard

Understand the importance of influence and the role your personality play in becoming a successful influencer

Building a Global Brand

Learn the global trends changing man’s way of living in this forth industrial age and build a brand to match

Our Core Essence

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

This lesson; Our Core Essence provides an in depth overview of what Afrihood is all about and the solutions we provide as a Real Estate Company

Our Solutions: The Lifestyle Lottery

This lesson trains the learner to become an authorised agent of Afrihood’s Lifestyle Lottery Program. It provides detailed explanation of what the Lottery is about and how it can operated across the continent.

Our Solutions: Buyer Representation

This Lesson is designed to give the learner a working knowledge of Afrihood’s Buyer Representation service in order to make them effective presale consultants to their prospects. We also discuss the benefits of partnering with Afrihood as a Real Estate Agent rather than standing alone.

Our Solutions: Real Estate Investment

This lesson takes learners through Afrihood’s Real Estate Investment short term and long term plans. We also look into partners compensation for each investment plan

Our Solutions: Facility Management

This lesson trains learners to become a Facility Management Sales Consultant by exploring all the possible scenarios of a client’s Facility Management needs. We also analyse Afrihood’s approach to Facility Management Services and Partners compensation plan

Getting on Board

Get familiar with Afrihood’s Portal and the tools available for maximum engagement

Closing Deals

Understand the cycle of selling and learn how to succeed in closing any deal

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